Choose the Best Aso Ebi Style

How to Choose the Best Aso Ebi Style For Different Occasions

Here is all you need to consider and a guide to help you choose the best Aso Ebi Style.

Hello ladies, let us talk a little about Aso-Ebi Styles and what you need to consider when handed over an AsoEbi fabric for an event.

Asoebi styles have gone beyond the anything-goes era, nowadays, what we see is a combination of creativity and skills to bring out both simple and sophisticated styles.

Next time, before you head to your tailor’s shop with your new Aso Ebi fabric, here are a few things you need to know so you can be able to choose the best Aso Ebi Style.

How to Choose the Best Aso Ebi Style

#1. The Fabric

You must understand that to a larger extent, the Aso Ebi fabric decides the type of style that you can sew. Is it stiff, is it shiny, is it flowy, and is it sheer? Before picking a style, the texture or quality of the fabric should be considered.

In the picture below, you will realize that the best way to bring the beauty of the fabric is to sew a fitted style, this is because of the texture of the fabric.

You can read up an article on How to Pick the Perfect Asoebi Fabric.

Choose the Best Aso Ebi Style

#2. The Event

Secondly, the kind of event you are attending will also determine the kind of style you would sew. You should avoid sewing the wrong style for the wrong event.

Events like weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries require a different asoebi style from occasions such as funerals, religious gatherings and so on.

In as much as your style should look breathtaking, you should also avoid styles that will make you appear like the assistant celebrant or bride in a wedding ceremony

#3. Your Body Shape

Your body shape is another area of critical importance when choosing an Aso-Ebi style. You will have to consider is there is any part of your body that you would love to conceal, like the tummy, arms or any part that you would want to show off like the hips and bust.

Whether you are slim or curvy, you should go for a style that will bring your shape and make you feel proud of your body, but this, of course, should be in line with your preference or beliefs.

For a better result, I think you should consult your tailor to know what will best fit your body shape.

Choose the Best Aso Ebi Style

#4. Comfort and Flexibility

As a guest and maybe a very close friend to the celebrant of the occasion, you might be required at a point to dance with the celebrant. If that is the case, then you should consider going for a style that will give you comfort and flexibility to show off your dancing skills without tearing the fabric.

Although your style to be fitted depending on your preference, you should have an allowance for easy movement and to avoid choking.

Comfortable Asoebi wedding style

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#5. Reusability

If you can’t rock an aso-ebi after the occasion then for me it’s not worth the stress and money. After the D-day, you should be able to wear the style to maybe church on Sunday or another event entirely.

detachable Aso-ebi styles

Styles like this are usually mixed with other fabrics and they also have a detachable part like a train that can be removed to form a new style entirely.

In case you are still having issues choosing a style for yourself, then check-out our collections of styles on Instagram:@cuteluks18. Also, please feel free to share your AsoEbi style experience with us on the comment box.

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