How to Improve Windows 10 and the function of the CPU Power


Windows 10 by default runs the best configuration for almost all supported devices. But, for those who want more performance boost, there is one instant method that you can try. But, to be honest, I don’t recommend this method for everyday use, because it can cause the processor temperature to increase sharply and drain power significantly.

This trick is more appropriate to run for example just to play games or run certain applications. Its use was not recommended for a long time. But really, this method effectively improves the performance of Windows 10.

  1. Right-click on the Start Menu then click Control Panel.
  2. Continue by clicking Hardware and Sound.
  3. Then click Power Options.
  4. Still in the same window, click Change plan settings.
  5. Then click Change advanced power settings.
  6. A new, smaller window will appear.
  7. Find the Processor power management option then click the plus (+) icon to display the sub menu. Do the same thing to the Minimum processor state . Change the default number from 5% to 100% for the On battery and Plugged in options .
  8. Finally click Apply and OK to save changes.

After the procedure is done, you can try restarting or directly using the computer for the purposes you have planned. To restore the original settings, just repeat the first step to the last by returning the frequency number to 5%.

Other Tips to Improve Windows 10 Performance
In addition to practicing the method above, you can also do a number of other things that are quite simple, including:

  • Close the application running in the background when you want to play a certain game.
  • Stop downloading when downloading a file.
  • Remove screensavers or wallpapers, replace them with just a color display.
  • Stop using internet data, for example if it is used to access content, for example Windows Store applications , chat applications , cloud or social networks.
  • Disconnect from other devices, such as flash disks, smartphones , tablets or second monitors. 


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