[O / S] How to upgrade and format Win10 In-Place


Easily upgrade to Windows 10!
As the Windows 7 OS is soon EOS, many users are upgrading to Windows 10.

In the meantime, you can upgrade to Windows 10 simply by using the Windows UI

I will guide you on how and how to initialize your Windows PC factory.

? In-place upgrade
    An in-place upgrade is an easy way for users to install Windows 10.

    You can install Windows 10 while keeping your own data and files on your desktop. 

    This is an easy way for users to upgrade because it is not complicated and can be upgraded from the Windows UI. 
    1. After mounting the bootable USB, CD or Windows 10 ISO installation file, click the “Setup” button.

    2. Windows 10 Setup program will be executed. Select “Later” in the “Get Updates” item and proceed.

    3. You can select version according to the installation image. By default, Enterprise Pro products are selected for Enterprise

        Go to the next. (The current Windows 10 1803 ISO file now includes all versions of Windows.)

   4. Finally, the confirmation window is displayed. The default value for the Windows 10 In-place upgrade is “Keep personal files, apps”.

    This preserves existing data and data, preserves user’s data in the way that only OS part is upgraded, and only OS is changed to Windows 10.

    If you want to make a new configuration in the Windows 10 environment, you can click “Change Item to Keep” and make the following settings.

? Windows 10 OS Format
     In Windows 7 and lower, we went through the Bios screen through the boot disk to see if there was a problem with the PC or to remove all the PC data.

     If you have a hard time navigating the way, Windows 10 makes it easy to do factory reset in Windows UI. 

     How to initialize via Windows 10 UI is as follows. 

     1. Enter [Windows 10 Settings] ? [Update & Security].

     2. Click [Start] in the [Recovery] ? “Initialize this PC” section on the left screen.

    3. You can choose to keep or remove the file. If you select “Remove All” from the items below, you will be returned to factory reset.


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