Three ways to upgrade directly from win7 to win10


With the continuous maturity of the Windows 10 operating system, more and more win7 system users began to use the win10 operating system. So how to upgrade win7 to win10? Free upgrade win10 method? The following win7 home Xiaobian will bring you win7 upgrade win10 tutorial.

  Win7 upgrade to win10 methods are mainly the following three, respectively: hard disk installation win10 upgrade method , U disk installation win10 upgrade method and win7 official update upgrade win10 system method.

  The following win7 home Xiaobian will explain the above methods for you one by one.

  First, the hard disk win7 upgrade win10 system method:

  1. Unzip the downloaded ghost win10 system. Win10 system download Daquan:

  1) Do not extract to the installation disk. For example, I need to install the Win10 system on the D drive, so I can’t extract it to the D drive, so I can’t install it.

  2) To extract directly to the root directory of the disk, do not put it in a folder, not to put it in several layers of folders, otherwise the installation will fail, for example, I put it directly in the root directory of the F disk.

2. Double-click to run the installation system .exe file, start win7 Ultimate upgrade win10 work.

  3. In the pop-up interface, select Restore Partition – System Image File – select the drive letter you want to install (usually C drive) and click the OK button.

Win7 upgrade win10 method Figure three
  4. After confirming the installation, it will start copying the Win10 file to the D drive for about five or six minutes. This process is performed in the Windows window. After copying, do not tamper with the keyboard to avoid copying errors.

Win7 upgrade win10 method Figure 4
  5. After the Win10 file is copied and restored, the computer needs to be restarted. Enter the windows7 upgrade win10 official installation step, restart immediately, or restart later, of course, immediately restart, the faster the installation, the better.

Win7 upgrade win10 method figure five
  6. After the computer restarts, the system runtime, driver and other programs will be automatically installed. You only need to wait patiently, without any operation during the period.

Win7 upgrade win10 method figure seven
  7. After waiting for a while, the computer will enter the win10 system desktop. The win10 system’s desktop is very clean, there are not too many unnecessary meaningless icons, then you can experience the windows10 operating system.

Win7 upgrade win10 method Figure eight

  Second, U disk win7 upgrade win10 system method:

  U disk installation system is ready to work:

  1. First, you need to prepare an empty 4G or above U disk to store the startup program and system files.

  2, then we need to install the system home ghost system. The article is available at the top of the article and can be downloaded and used. More choices to click:

  Of course, you can also choose the Win10 system of the 64-bit system home.

  3, U disk boot disk production tools: system home U disk boot disk production tools

  U disk boot disk production steps:

  1. Everyone downloads the “System Home U disk boot disk creation tool” and installs it.

  2. Open the system home u disk boot disk creation tool, insert the prepared u disk into the computer usb interface, and wait for the software to automatically recognize the inserted u disk. Then you don’t need to modify any options in the interface, click “Start Production” after matching the parameter options shown in the figure below:

Win7 free upgrade win10 Figure 1
  3. At this time, a pop-up window will appear warning: “This operation will delete all data and cannot be restored”. If there is important data stored in the u disk, you can back up the data to the local disk to confirm that the backup is completed or there is no important data. After we click “OK” to execute the production, as shown:

Win7 free upgrade win10 Figure 2
  4. It takes about 5-10 minutes to make the u disk boot disk process. Please wait patiently during this period and do not perform other operations to ensure the smooth completion of the production process:

Win7 free upgrade win10 Figure three
  5. After the u disk boot disk is created, a new prompt window will pop up. For this, we click “Yes” to perform a simulation start test on the finished u disk boot disk, and test whether the u disk boot disk is available, as shown in the figure:

 U disk installation system steps:

  7. After the U disk boot disk and the file are copied into the U disk, insert the U disk into the computer and restart.

  8, set the U disk as the first boot item, the related tutorial can see this: bios set the hard disk boot installation method .

  9. Store the prepared win7 system image package to the root directory of the u disk boot disk of the completed system home:

10. First connect the system home u disk boot disk to the computer, restart the computer and wait for the boot screen to appear, press the startup shortcut key, use the u disk boot disk to enter the system home menu, select [01] running system home Win8pe X64 officially Edition, press the Enter key to enter, as shown:

11, after entering pe will self-start the system home pe installed tools, first click “Browse” to save the system image saved in the u disk, then select c disk for the system disk storage image, click “OK”, as shown Shown as follows:

12. After waiting for the disk to finish formatting, the win7 image file will be installed, as shown in the figure:

13, at this time you can remove the u disk, restart the system to start the installation, we do not need to operate, wait for the installation to complete, and finally will restart before entering the system desktop, as shown below:

  14. After the computer restarts, it will automatically mirror the win10 upgrade work. You don’t need any operation during the restart, just wait patiently.

 15, smoke cigarettes, make up a makeup, the system home 64-bit Win10 system is installed, the installed screen is as follows:

Third, online win7 update win10 system method:

  The official win7 upgrade win10 method is to release a win10 tool after Microsoft introduced the Windows 10 Creator update, you can use this tool to directly upgrade from win7 to win10 system.

Because the whole tutorial is relatively long, the third method of Xiaobian is not written here. I have created a new article on the third method. The link address is: Html

  Each method comment: The above is the three different methods of win7 upgrade win10 system, the above methods can upgrade win7 to win10. The difficulty of different methods is different. Relatively speaking, the method of hard disk upgrade is the simplest. The method of upgrading win10 to U disk is relatively complicated. You can choose to use this method to upgrade win10 freely according to your actual situation. More win10 system tutorials, please pay attention to win7 home.
  At the request of many small partners, here is a simpler and more convenient way to introduce you to the system software. There are a variety of system versions to choose from. You can choose to install win10 system to upgrade to win10. The effect can be said to be four ways to upgrade win10.


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