Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Useful Fashion Tips To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Buying of clothes requires lots of money especially when they are of high quality. Irrespective of how qualitative a cloth might be, without proper care the cloths will not serve the intended period of time.

In most case, we get rid of our clothes because they are either faded, out of shape or stained. To protect your clothes, here are some of the useful tips to help preserve your clothes.

#1. Read and follow fabric care instructions

 Make Your Clothes Last Longer

If you want your clothes to last for you then you must read and abide by the instructions on the label. If the instruction on the label says to hand wash only or dry clean only, then believe me that is the only way to get the best out of that fabric.

Henceforth, don’t just throw in a cloth into the washing machine or start ironing without checking to see the prescribed methods.

#2. Buy quality fabrics

 Make Your Clothes Last Longer

In the first place, buying a quality fabric can save you lots of money. I would prefer to buy a single quality fabric of 200 bucks that will last for 2 years than five low-quality cloths of 50 bucks each that will last for 6 months.

Take your time and choose the best fabric for a considerable price.

#3. Always carry a stain removal pain or wipe with you

 Make Your Clothes Last Longer

The best way to deal with stains is to remove them immediately. Technology has made it possible to achieve this even while you are still far away from home.

By carefully following the instructions on the usage of this pen or wipes, you can be sure to achieve a great result.

But please note that you shouldn’t stop at just that, as the affected cloth will still have to be washed properly.

#4. Don’t wash your clothes always

This might sound funny but believe me, it works. Don’t be quick to wash your clothes after just one wear. Try as much as possible to wash them after wearing them like three times.

But if for any reason, the clothes are visibly dirty or smelling after the first or second wear then you should consider washing them.

#5. Sort your clothes before laundry

 Make Your Clothes Last Longer

This especially applies to you if you make use of washing machine during laundry. When you throw in your clothes into the machine for laundry, they apparently dance and rub on each other as they wash.

This can lead to the staining and contamination of other clothes particularly when you have some that losses their colour easily when they are wet.

Another benefit if sorting is that when it’s time to use the dryer, the clothes that require less heat will not be exposed to excessive heat.

#6. Take it easy with detergent


Ordinarily, detergents are corrosive in nature. They can become harmful to your clothes if not use in the right proportion.

To be on the safe side, use half the prescribed quantity of detergent and if possible avoid the use of detergents.

And in place of detergents, you can use liquid or bar toilet soaps because they are mild and tender.

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#7. Use a mesh bag for delicates

mesh bag

A mesh bag can be your lifesaver when washing delicate like underwear, socks and other smaller and sensitive garments.

By putting the cloths inside the mesh bag, the effect of friction on the cloths will be drastically cushioned and you can be sure to find these small cloths together in their pairs after wash.

#8. Avoid direct sunlight or heat when drying

sunlight drying

Except in rear cases, avoid drying your clothes using the dryer. The heat from the drying process can become harmful to your cloths.

Instead, use the cloth line to dry your clothes and also avoid direct sunlight when doing so.  What dries the cloths is the air and not the sun. The sun only helps to ensure that the air is dry.

#9. Iron with the right temperature

iron with the right tempearture

When next you pick up a cloth to iron, please do well to read the instruction on the label to know the exact temperature to use.

Tuning your iron to the wrong temperature will only put pressure on the fabric and stretch the cloth. By continuously doing so, the cloth wears out and goes out of shape.

Apart from using the right temperature, I would advise you to avoid ironing your clothes by giving them a good shake before drying.

And if you must use the iron, use a temperature below the prescribed temperature as this will help protect your clot from excessive heat.

#10. Store in a clean, cool dry place

clean shelves

Just like humans, cloths like to be stored in spacious places, cool and dry. By so doing, that will prevent them from wrinkling and rubbing against one another.

Store suits on hangers to avoid mould and other nasty kinds of stuff.

#11. Fold heavy cloths and store on a shelf

folded clothes

Avoid storing heavy clothes like sweaters on hangers. Instead, fold them and store on a shelf. When you store them using hangers, the weight applies pressure on the neck and causes it to slack and loss shape.

In addition, store then shelves make from quality wood like cedar to avoid unwanted moth holes.

#12. Learn some basic mending skills

sewing skills

How long will you continue to throw away clothes because of some little snaps that you can be given a quick fix?

Minor mends like fixing a button can be taken care of you learn how to quickly do that and get your cloth back to shape.

You can get yourself a needle and sewing threads of your favourite colours to enable you to handle such minor mends once the need arises.

Have you got any unique way of making your clothes last longer, let us know how in the comments below.

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