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Wedding Planning: 7 Little Details You Should Never Miss

When planning your wedding ceremony, there are a few details you should always remember. Leaving any of them out of your wedding planning can mar your day.

You don’t have to panic about what they are or missing out on any of them as we will be walking you through these critical areas in a moment.

Directions and signage

As little as this might seem, creating direction signage to guide your guests in finding the venue is very important, particularly for those of them who might be getting to know the place for the first time.

I am sure that you wouldn’t want your guests to get lost between the highway exit and the chapel parking lot or get to the venue late because they couldn’t locate the venue on time.

Include a map on your invitation card or add a link to Google maps on your wedding website so guests can make use of it.

Create an entrance

Irrespective of your choice of wedding venue, you should create an entrance point for you and your partner. This will make your venue welcoming to your guests.

For outdoor weddings, consider hanging eucalyptus garlands around the door frames or sun-catching glass lanterns on the surrounding trees. While in the case of a ballroom, please get the help of a florist to create an arrangement that will be visible to guests as soon as they enter the venue.

Don’t economize on lighting

Use the correct amount and appropriate lighting to set the mood and create the kind of atmosphere you want to have.

When used correctly, lighting can create a sense of intimacy in a large space and make the couple and guests appear fantastic in photos.

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Make use of decorative lights, crystal chandeliers to transform a dull space into an extravagant environment.

Don’t forget to decorate the bar

For most wedding ceremonies, the bar gets quite a good number of visits from the guests before the end of the event.

Consider giving the bar spot a facelift and some little attention when applying the décor. You could print your signature cocktail recipe right on your coaters or beverage napkins.

Pick the right chair for the day

Having the right kind of chairs and at the right place can transform and make a regular must-have item look extraordinary.

Align your chair design with your wedding style, color theme, or even the season of the year. Consider hanging fresh blooms on each chair-backs if you are having your wedding during spring or attaching a miniature wreath for a winter ceremony.

Have a plan for the children

Irrespective of your great love for kids, I am sure you wouldn’t want to have them distract or disrupt the ceremony. The best solution is to have a plan to keep them engaged and in their best behavior while the adults do their thing.

If you are also expecting lots of kids as part of your guests, you should consider getting a sitter to see to their needs when the occasion is ongoing. You can make provisions for coloring books and crayons and a game with crafts and movies.

Have an exit plan

A great wedding can be marred by a poor or lack of an exit for the couple. It is the height of the occasion because it allows you to drive home with your partner in style.

The use of rose petals have being a popular method; you could give it a modern touch by complementing it with fireworks as you make your exit from the venue.

Drive away in a vintage car, or even a house cart decorated with colorful and bright flowers.

Wedding planning might seem difficult but it can be easy with us as your guide. Leave us on comment and we will get back to you.

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